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Default NHL Live

Hey all,

In the absence of live WHL hockey this year, I’m looking at getting NHL live so we can watch Flyers and Bruins games.

Is it worth it at the early bird price that ends tomorrow?
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Just got an email that NHLLive is now included in SporstnetNow+

Pretty solid deal for existing customers.

To our valued subscribers,

We have some exciting news to share with you.

Beginning with the upcoming NHL season, your subscription to SN NOW+ will include access to NHL LIVETM!

How does this work?

Previously, SN NOW+ allowed you to get every Sportsnet-exclusive game, blackout-free. By adding NHL LIVETM, all out-of-market games (ie, games outside your local region), can be accessed through NHL LIVETM.

Aside from additional NHL games, you will continue to get other SN NOW+ content, including more NBA games, Bundesliga, FA Cup, Premiership Rugby, Super League Rugby, National Rugby League and IndyCar.

How will this work?

No action is required for you to opt into this content--it will be available upon the start of the NHL season.

Proceed to or the NHL app, click Sign In and input your existing SN NOW login credentials.

Once you accept the Terms and Conditions, you will be able to stream games via the NHL app on your device of choice.

How does this affect your subscription?

As you are already an SN NOW+ monthly subscriber, you will get this new content at no extra cost. However, this is only the case as long as you remain an active subscriber.

If your account is cancelled in the future, the new monthly price for SN NOW+ will be $34.99, while the Annual Pass will continue to be $249.99/year (a savings of 40%).
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I got it again this year since I do not have cable. I am a Bruins fan and can watch every game now which is huge instead of just when they play a Canadian team on HNIC.
Also right now there is nothing on TV since most shows are not putting out new episodes it seems so with the worst of winter coming at least I will have something to watch.
For the price...its hard to say, it depends on what you would put a price on. It is steep but it is the only way to watch these games.
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