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Default Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile has some good plans so I'm thinking of switching over. But I'm a bit hesitant due to not knowing much about their network and coverage. Can Freedom customers give me some feedback?
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Just left Freedom for Telus, coverage with Freedom is horrible, if you are on the edge of the city good luck. I was also kicked onto roaming several times in the city which was annoying.

I'm paying the same for my Telus account (discounted due to Internet) as I was with Freedom and I'm getting more data and better service.

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Love freedom, and roaming isn't an issue with the more expensive plans. My plan is 110 for 30 gigs unlimited everything and you get to use shaw passpoints anywhere they are for free. The added free wifi bonus is pretty good.

They are a bit behind on building towers or sharing agreements though. But I've not had an issue paying more for roaming pretty much ever.

And I get booted to U.S towers in some part of Victoria.
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