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Default AHL TV app?

Hi Everyone,

I am really interested this year in the development going on in Stockton this year, and am considering the AHL TV subscription to be able to follow things. I am wondering if anyone has done this here and what the overall quality of the app is, as well as how good the broadcasts are/aren't. I'm a season ticket holder for the WHL franchise here and I have watched their broadcasts and it's a bit on the brutal side in terms of camera work, etc., and I am wondering if I'm in for the same type of quality with the AHL or if it might be (hopefully) a bit better. It's only $100 for the season so there's limited risk here, but I was curious to see if anyone else has done it or does it regularly. TIA!
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Yup I wouldn't expect much.

AHL TV will be the jumbotron feed with radio pbp synced. These jumbotron feeds in the AHL are usually low quality and some buildings have really bad angles and camera work.

Go watch the highlight packages from the Heat games and you will see what you will get.
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AHLtv is a joke.
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