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Default Active Listing Drop

Quick question to Realtors

Yesterday active listings were 6,338, today they are 5,991

Aside from the last day of a month (which ALWAYS has a significant drop, every month), I have not seen a drop/increase in active listing this massive in over a year of monitoring, from a single day to the next.

Any idea what is up?

Also, if you go to and filter by "listed since" and click today, there is an above average no of listings shown - which diverges from the above stat.
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Travis Munroe
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I don't have a explanation...
Last 24 hours:
100 sold listings
190 new listings
44 went from active to c/s

Travis Munroe | Century 21 Elevate | 403.971.4300

Residential Buying & Selling

Property Management
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Thanks for looking!

Active listings back up to 6,431 today. Must of been a system glitch.
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