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Default Advertising Opportunity

Not really sure where this fits so I decided to keep it in this section... if mods see if better fit elsewhere, please move it.

My monthly market update mailout is a 11.25"x6.25"
I only need one side of it to update owners on the recent activity that is specific to the condo they live in. This increases the odds it is actually read as everyone is curious as to their own investments.
The other side is split in half and I have someone who advertises on the right side.
With the high number of lawyers, accountants, etc on this forum, I thought it might be a good opportunity to open to CP members with their own business.

It is extremely cheap and I have had quite a bit of success with it. It starts with about 550 doors (inner city condo living) at 4 months. After that, you can decide to sign on for more doors and go for a longer term or leave it as is.

Feel free to message me - there is no need for me to take both sides and it helps subsidize the cost for all 3 sponsors by utilizing 1 oversized postcard.

Travis Munroe | Century 21 Elevate | 403.971.4300

Residential Buying & Selling

Property Management
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