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I've loved Tim & Sids coverage of the West this year to be honest, and this is more of what I like seeing.

They're having educated and entertaining conversations this year around Calgary and Winnipeg behind great, and I look forward to their coverage after another Oiler tragedy.

There's no question this past 4 games needs to be rectified, and quickly. But what they touch on is the biggest worry Flames fans should have. Is Rittich for real?
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Originally Posted by Geeoff View Post
I don't mind that our slump is 0.500 hockey
The slump is 1-3-1. The only place that is .500 hockey is in Edmonton .
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All good ... a Canadian team that was rolling hits a flat spot and it's newsworthy. These guys have to fill two hours a day with something.

His summary of Smith being hurt as the only reason they slid last year is a bit of a stretch though ... Tkachuk, Brodie, Monahan on last legs were much bigger issues that the goalie swap in my mind.
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We had a cushion this year to rest on before this happened. Peters will work this out and I have complete confidence.

He’s said all year we have the skill. It’s the work ethic and the skill combined that will win us games . You have to have both. You don’t learn to storm back when you don’t believe it.

So instead of worrying about not storming back after some losses we finish the season hot and carry that into the playoffs.

If it doesn’t happen then that’s on the players ....Peters has done his job well. I think his read on this team is exceptional and we will see the evidence of this shortly.
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Just for perspective, SJ has had a few 3+ game losing streaks, one 4 gamer included losses to Buffalo and Ottawa. One had losses to LA and AZ. One had losses to AZ and Fla. Yet here they are.

They've gotten on a roll, but they also got to play AZ, Edmonton and that Vancouver game with Dipietro, and they won a stupid game in Washington where the teams decided to play zero D.

All of which is to say, a season has some bumps.
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Somewhat on topic, I really dislike Sid.

Tim is ok.
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Based solely on the last 4 games, the Flames looked rusty after the All-Stars holiday. Against Tampa Bay, the Flames were out-classed in every area of the game. I'm not too worried about them right now and they'll likely snap out of this slump and hopefully soon. What I'm worried about and that Tim&Sid has some merits to what they're saying, is that right now, after the first two lines for the Flames, they have no other scoring depth. Added to that, they don't have the size to compete in the grueling long cup run. Finally, with Smith not being that good even as a backup, they really don't have depth in goal. I expect Treliving to plug up the key areas of weakness before the end of trading deadline and hope for the best come playoffs - barring any major injuries to any of the top 6 forwards and top 4 defencemen that will lead to a catastrophic end like last season.
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