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Default Question: should there be danger pay for necessary workers?

People layed off are going threw financial hardships for sure but there's little talk about the people working scared shatless! Doctors, nurses, paramedics, hell even truck drivers are at bigger risks than the average Joe.

Danger pay?
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How about just leaving physician pay as is, and letting them make the necessary recommendations (which they have) to tighten the belt to save money. That would be a good start instead of demonizing them and ripping up their contracts and negotiating in bad faith. That's maybe a good first step.
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Doctors get paid well and there is a reason a ton of prestige goes into their profession versus other professions. They are well respected because of times like these society looks up to them.

Should all first responders start getting paid danger pay? They are putting their lives on the line everyday and are at bigger risk than the average joe.

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This pandemic has put the spotlight on them for now when in truth they have always been in danger at work. No one would say no to more money and it would signal that we recognize their efforts but a longer term approach will show more appreciation. Let’s work towards getting them better resources, better equipment, better working conditions and demonstrate our increased respect for them in every other way possible.
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Certainly not for professionals. This outbreak is well within the scopes of practice for Medical personal and well within the occupational risks they signed up for. Proper PPE needs to be maintained.

People like grocery store workers are and should be given extra as their volume of work and level of risk increases dramatically for their work.
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We did get a $3/ hour bump at the liquor store, retroactive to March 8th. Apparently it will go until May, unless things haven't gotten better by then.
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Not to sound callous, but for Doctors and Nurses and fire fighters etc, this is part of the job they signed up for, they're basically already compensated for dealing with dangerous situations.

Same with Government workers, they're hired and part of their job is knowing at some point that there is going to be something that's out of the ordinary or dealing with a crisis situation.

If non government private companies want to compensate for danger that's up to them whether they want to give a danger bonus or not, but with the way things are economically and going to be for a while, I doubt anyone can really afford to do that.
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