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Default Bye-bye the Kid

The Toronto Maple Leafs are proud to announce the trading of Sidney Crosby after the details of his usage of "Sid the Kid" on various teen messageboards.

The Los Angeles Kings were happy to take such a deviant on, which speaks a lot about that organization.

In return, the Leafs receive Anze Kopitar and R2-D2, which will surely boost the morale in the room, if nothing else.

In all seriousness, I would like to thank Harry Lime for some sensible negotiations which went back and forth a few ways, but always landed with me landing a droid. Which is weird, because I had no need for a protocol droid...
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The LA Kings take umbridge with the idea that they would send a protocol droid to Toronto. R2 is an astromech droid. We also understand that Crosby has an issue concerning full commitment to the defensive side of the game, and are ready to institute a system sending him to the fourth line to work on his backchecking. A method known as 'Monahanning'.
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