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Jiri Hrdina
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Day 27 211 Edmonton Oilers vs San Jose Sharks
212 Detroit Red Wings vs Carolina Hurricanes
213 New York Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins
214 Colorado Avalanche vs Vancouver Canucks
215 New Jersey Devils vs Montreal Canadiens
216 Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild
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Need to find a way out to string together some wins and jump back in the playoff picture.

Atleast the 3rd line (actual 2nd line) kept itself on the scoreboard.
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Harry Lime
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Kings are in freefall. Perhaps trying to trade youth this soon in the season was ill-advised.
"We don't even know who our best player is yet. It could be any one of us at this point." - Peter LaFleur, player/coach, Average Joe's Gymnasium
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Pens go from the hottest team to the coldest in a matter of a week.
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So much for 3 in a row, but we will take the loser point
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