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Originally Posted by Erick Estrada View Post
The reality is that in all sports there are plenty of success story with athletes that are not ideal height and many teams have benefitted from other teams putting too much stock in measurables. That kind of thinking led to the Dolphins signing 6'4" Dante Culpepper instead of 6' Drew Brees (that and him coming off shoulder surgery). We all know how that worked out for the Saints who were very fortunate the Dolphins passed on him. The drafting of Kyler Murray 1st overall as well as several <6' tall players in the latest NHL draft is telling that there's starting to be a shift back to skill over outright measurables. I'm not saying Wolf is going to become a HOF player or even an NHL regular but given his stellar junior career there's little doubt he was a major steal for the Flames.
Honestly, I think in the last decade-ish, Tim Thomas and Jaroslav Halak have generally been two of the best goalies, period. Goalie is a mental position, whether that's tracking the puck or having sound positioning or just being sharp with your glove hand. The big butterfly goalie is great on paper but we've seen first hand that it can be the cause of some poor habits.

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Originally Posted by getbak View Post
For those worried about his listed height, here's a photo from the Development Camp of Wolf standing beside Parsons, who is listed as 6'1"...

If Wolf is shorter, it's not by much.
OK so I saw Parsons and Wolf together at Winsport, not in hockey gear. Wolf was clearly smaller and shorter than Parsons, by at least a few inches. Some guy recognized Wolf and asked for his autograph and asked how camp was going. Dustin said it was going good and that Tyler was showing him the ropes, indicating to Parsons. The guy then figured out it was Parsons and asked for his autograph too.

I hate to be so blunt but Wolf did look like a 14 year old and looked like a deer in the headlights. Parson's was relaxed, mature and clearly proud to be helping out the younger players. Wolf was clearly a few inches shorter and quite few pounds lighter. I think Wolf has great potential but has to be given time to fill out, grow and mature. Like any goalie prospect, it's a crap shoot and I wish him well.
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