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Originally Posted by undercoverbrother View Post
Ah yes the unwritten rule.
All hot girls + a token fat chick.
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Still reeling from the end of the $2 Margarita Monday deal. Damn those were good times at Earls. Why did those have to end?
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Originally Posted by btimbit View Post
Absolutely. Treating staff like they're thieves and leeches alienates the people you depend on to run your business. Then it's no wonder why so many restaurants fail.
This was why I left after my 3 years there (2006-09). Didn't like the corporate attitude at all, though it was a good job to learn the basics of a kitchen and restaurant which are skills I still use to this day in my chef career. But yeah, the day the GM told us off for having beers in the dining room after our shift because he didn't like the way it looked to customers was the day I had enough.
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