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These takes are hilarious. The only thing “third world” about this story is that the President tried to install himself as ruler in chief and not trust the democratic institutions. Take as much money from the rubes on his way out.

The raid is to find and secure evidence of numerous potential crimes. What are the police/FBI supposed to do?
From HFBoard oiler fan, in analyzing MacT's management:
O.K. there has been a lot of talk on whether or not MacTavish has actually done a good job for us, most fans on this board are very basic in their analysis and I feel would change their opinion entirely if the team was successful.
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Originally Posted by Yoho View Post
Majority of Republicans don't want him running. They figure his constant focus on 2020 will hurt them in the midterms.
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I mean if he's done nothing wrong, he should just comply with the cops, right?
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