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Originally Posted by cofr View Post
new trailer for what is my most anticipated movie of the year

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I'm excited for Tarantino's new movie.

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The Charles Manson add is a fascinating one.
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Sorry Avengers End Game, your box office reign will be a short one.

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As a bonus, Arnold himself posted this trailer on reddit and the thread turned into an impromptu AMA
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The franchise cannot self-terminate.
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Does not look good. I’m surprised they’re still giving it a go with this franchise. Needs to be put out to pasture with Alien and Predator.
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Yea, that's not a great trailer. However, with Sarah Connor's return and Cameron back as producer/co-writer, I'm still intrigued to see the final product.

Also, apparently it's a direct sequel to T2 and completely ignores the other films, which is fine by me.
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Terminator movies have a fairly simple premise, and the best ones are the ones that are built on awesome action pieces and pacing.

The first half of the last Terminator movie was quite good, but the movie totally fell apart with the "twist" and the CGI fest that followed. Realistically, we haven't had any really good content since the Sarah Chronicles TV show. The problem is the storytellers always ruin the movies by getting too cute or gimmicky.

With Cameron back in charge, as someone who actually gets what makes the Terminator series great, this could be a turn in the right direction. Hopefully, this is more Mad Mad: Fury Road and less "the Predator". The trend right now is to make watered down movies with more mass appeal, but a movie like this has to be a solid action/sci-fi movie first.

Some of the CGI does look very unfinished. Hopefully, they address this before release. The director is the same guy who did Deadpool, so I'd expect the finished product to be at least of that level.
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