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Originally Posted by Machiavelli View Post
That's gonna be awkward
This is the major drawback to the ol' 'Office Romance.'
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Cecil Terwilliger
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You guys have nothing to worry about. After all, getting divorce didn’t seem to have any effect on the quality of Dexter after Michael Hall and Jennifer Carpenter...right?
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This will just help her understand her character better.
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Wasnt one of the premises of this show was a Divorced couple forced to work with each other?

Adrianne Palicki will relate to Kelly Greyson alot better. Method Acting at its best!
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Tuned in to the Marathon on FX this weekend. Watching a lot of these episodes for a second time has given even more respect to the entire cast and crew. The writing is just brilliant.

Currently watching Lasting Impressions. The scene when they walk in with Bortis smoking in the captains chair was still another lol.
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Yeah I noticed that as well. So many good episodes last year, even though there was too much about the Maclan's and Bortis.

That scene with Alara saying goodbye
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If I was on the Orville, this is how i’d Realistically deal with a bad day
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