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Default UFA batch instructions

It is time for UFA batches.

We will be going through these in “batches” of players up for bid.
I think we will probably end up having 4- or 5 batches, but it may change. The second to last batch will be an open one – for any remaining players, for all teams that have cap space for their bids. The last batch will be a second open batch, with the only difference being teams don’t need to have the cap.

Here are the rules for bidding on a player
- You must have all players on 1 way contracts on your CPHL team. If we see that you have stashed a 1 way player in the AHL, all your offers will be voided
- You must have ALL players at or above the ratings threshold and 23 or below on your CPHL team. If we see one in the AHL your offers will be voided
- All offers must include ALL information required, as outlined below. If you fail to include something, your offers will be voided
- You MUST have cap space for the first year CPHL value of any offer, except for the very final batch, as noted above.
- Submit your offers on the above players by sending an email to These offers should include:
o The name of the player(s)
o The term of the contract
o The per year value of the contract
o The AHL% you are offering (AHL% must be in 5 percent increments up to 50 per cent. You can also offer 1 way deals. You cannot offer 55% to 95%).
o The player will be awarded to the team that offers the most committed dollars. Committed dollars= years of contract*per year value*AHL%
o Total per year CPHL value of offers being made
o Cap available (offer value must be at or less than cap available)
o Minimum per year value is $500K, max is $10M

Let’s look at a couple examples.
This is what your emails should look like:
The Minnesota Wild submit the following bids:
Bill Bumface: 2 years @ $5M/season, AHL 50%
Hockey McStickFace: 1 year @ $10M/season, AHL 10%
Total CPHL value of offers: $15M ($5M+$10M)
Total Cap Available: $16M

Let’s now add another example and see what team would win the player.
The Boston Bruins submit the following bids:
Bill Bumface: 3 years @ 6M/season, AHL 30%
Hockey McStickface: 2 years @ 4M/season/1 way

The competing offers are calculated as follows:

Bill Bumface:
Wild: $5M (2*5.0*0.5)
Boston: $5.4M (3*6.0*0.3)
Boston wins the player

Hockey McStickFace
Wild: 1M (1*10*0.1)
Boston: 8M (2*4*100%)
Boston wins again.

Now, if two teams make bids and end up with the same committed dollars then the player will be awarded to the team lowest in the standings from last year.

Here is the key thing:
When making sure you have enough cap space for your offers this is based on the CPHL per year $ value of the contract you are offering. When a player is awarded though it is based on the Committed Dollar calculation outlined above. if you make any trades AFTER you submit your bids but BEFORE the batch deadline, you must STILL have enough cap space for your bids, or re-submit.

Make sense? If not – ask questions! This is important stuff.
Batch 1 will be posted shortly
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