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Jiri Hrdina
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Default Draft re-caps

Another draft is in the books. It’s always good to get summaries from teams that reviews who they picked and why.
Here is the Wild’s summary focused on the top couple of rounds

#3 – Kaapo Kakko: no need to explain this one
#4 – Bowen Byram: I figured that Pat would take one of Turcotte or Byram at #3, so I knew I would just get the other guy. I didn’t have a strong preference and made a bit of a bid to get both picks. I see Byram as the clear top dman in this draft class and his offensive ceiling makes him a good fantasy asset
#8 – Cole Caufield: When I made the deal to trade Boeser for 8 it was largely targeting Zegras or Caufield at 8. There was a small chance I’d be left with a choice between Podkolzin or Dach here. And that became a more real possibility at the #7 pick with Zegras going at 6. So I was relieved when Dallas took Bodly. I think Caufield will likely drop a little in the draft but his offensive totals are simply too impressive not to take a chance on him
#13 – Peyton Krebs. Was surprised he was here for me. His recent injury could cause a drop in the NHL draft but happy to get him
#16 – Alex Newhook. More offense. Was targeting him or Kaliyev here but Doug made that decision for me by grabbing the latter one pick before
#18/#19 – Mortiz Seider/Thomas Harley. Didn’t really want two dmen here, but it was shaping up to be York/Seider/Harley here. York goes one pick earlier. Seider I see as a riser in the draft but Harley wasn’t a guy I knew much about. Pick up purely based on the fact that based on draft rankings he was the guy here
#26 – Bobby Brink. Right where the Flames are picking and they could look to this guy. Undersized but skilled. Considered Tomasino here as well.
#35 – Pavel Dorofeyev. Had a few guys in mind here but came down to Dorofeyev or Tracey. Took a chance that Tracey would still be there later but he was grabbed just 3 picks after Dorofeyev
#50 – Ilya Nikolayev. Considered moving down but this seemed like good value.
#56 – John Farinacci. Very raw talent that I could see going anywhere from the high 2nd to 5th or later in the NHL draft.
#75 – Adam Beckman. Didn’t know much about this kid until he was mentioned on the main board recently so I researched a little and had him targeted in the 3rd.
#77 – Artemi Knyazev. Just seemed like good value here.

The rest of the rounds were hard to predict but I did grab a couple guys that I had specifically targeted for later rounds: Layton Ahac and Semyon Christyakov. The rest were largely random selections.

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son of looooob
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#21 - Ville Heinola. Projected to go right around here. Great offense and hockey sense, skating could use a little work though. Similar playing style to Miro Heiskanen.
#25 - Jakob Pelletier. Was really hoping to get Lavoie but NJ picked him up one pick earlier. Small but fast and knows the game well. Compared to Yanni Gourde.
#29 - Samuel Poulin. Power forward. Fast and has improved his scoring. Bit more of a safer pick but had to decide between him and Robertson and think Poulin was the better choice. Plays the game like Dustin Brown.
#32- (Y)Egor Afanaseyev. Was hoping to get Hoglander here. Seen him all over the map, mid first and late second. Big strong power forward who has the hands and the scoring ability. Average skater though. Best case would be Jamie Benn, but don't expect that all. Think he's got some good potential though.
Trent Miner, Oleg Zaitsev, Gianni Fairbrother, Jake Lee and Mattias Norlinder finished things off.
Edmonton Oilers GM CPHL
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First round-bust
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We picked Mikhail Abramov 98th overall. Idk who he is really but we're going with it and happy to bring him into the fold
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Franchise Player
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Rangers only had 4 later picks and used them all on forwards.

#74 - Marcus Kallionkieli. A Finnish-Brazilian with an awesome name, what can go wrong? Scored 29 goals last season at Sioux City, where he played alongside Flames prospect Martin Pospisil and possible first rounder Bobby Brink.

#90 - Leevi Aaltonen. A real boom-or-bust player from Finland - highly skilled, but very small (5'9 168). Really good skater and playmaker, had a great U18 tournament as well. Will be interesting to see how he does against men in Liiga next season.

#125 - Dillon Hamaliuk. A productive winger with good size and speed, the caveat is that he missed half of the season with an injury - otherwise he surely wouldn't have slipped that far. Was traded to Kelowna at the deadline and if healthy he should give them additional firepower when they host the Memorial Cup next year.

#139 - Vojtech Strondala. Another really small, but skilled boom-or-bust forward from Europe. Bit of a random selection I admit, as several of my targets went of the board just before him.

We'll see. Had multiple 3rd and 4th round picks last year go a round earlier in the real draft, hoping for more of the same next week!
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#5 - Dylan Cozens. Yukon boy; love it!
#12 - Victor Soderstrom. Can skate, score, defend and already playing with the big boys in Sweden; love it!
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Hanna Sniper
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2019 Draft Overview

I'm still trying to process the draft. There was a lot of players that the 'Canes have been targeting all season long but when it came to drafting time we found that our pick locations were no where near our rankings for such player. I was left with the position that I draft well ahead of the rankings or trust the rankings and let the players I've been scouting go elsewhere.

In the end I want with my rankings, now the NHL draft will reflect if that was a good decision or not.

1st Round
10 - Vasily Podkolzin - The 10th overall selection for us was just going to be whomever fell. With two selection being made out of my top 10 it left Podkolzin alone of my deft sheet to select
15 - Arthur Kaliyev - Kaliyev has been a Hurricane for two season now, it was just a matter of time before it became official. I ended up drafting him high but I wasn't willing to pay the cost to have to acquire him a year from now
22 - Connor McMichael - McMichael progressed tremendously this season with the Knights, but when it came to time to draft I was tempted to grab the names that have been getting all the attention like Tomasino but in the end I had to go with my rankings. Although I expect McMichael to drop he is still my pick that I won't be surprised that a NHL team values higher

2nd Round
43 - Patrik Puistola - Tried my best to stick to my rankings and I had Puistola rated much higher than this. I was targeting players elsewhere but I found in the second round I should have positioned myself around much better
53 - Mikko Kokkonen - I had him going in the 30's so getting him here at 53, it was a shock. Once again wasn't on my plans because I just didn't think he would be available at where I was drafting.

3rd Round

70 - Nikita Okhotuk
71 - Antti Saarela

4th Round
87 - Jacob Leguerrier
92 - Samuel Bolduc
93 - Graeme Clarke
97 - Nikola Pasic
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This was one of the strangest drafts for me as usually my list lasts a lot longer and I get players I target. In this one I made a list to cover as far as my 2nds. I was really surprised as my top 27 picks were all selected in the top 29. In all my years this has never happened to me.

#9 Kirby Dach - Didn't expect him to drop me to me, I had him firmly entrenched in my top 5. I figured that I would be choosing between Caufield, Boldy, and Podkolzin. I was really hoping on Caufield, but must admit I am very happy that Dach fell to me.

#17 Cam York - I was really hoping Newhook slipped to me here as he is a local boy. But I am very happy to see York available if Newhook wasnt. He is easily one of the top offensive D available and I think he has a huge upside.

#23 Lassi Thomson - This is where things got interesting for me. I really wanted Lavoie. However over the past week something about Thomson really started to grow on me. His skating, shot and upside were intriguing and I really think he is a guy to watch at next week's NHL draft. I see him as a late riser that could surprise a lot of people. I figured he may be still be there at 34, but I didnt want to chance it, I wanted Thomson.

#34 Jamieson Rees - I figured I would get a guy I ranked top 25. Not so lucky. I had Rees pegged as a target at 49. I really like his compete level. I think he is the type of player everyone hates to play against but loves on your team. I dont see a super high upside, but do see an NHL with a solid future here.

#36 Jackson Lacombe - Another homerun swing on a mystery pick. This guy is an enigma. He is a great skater and has huge offensive potential. The fact that he only moved to D last season and had 89 points shows his potential. The obvious knock was obviously lack of competition, but I have a feeling that this kid is just at the tip of his potential and was worth taking a swing on.

#49 Vladislav Firstov - Just took a gamble that this kid could put it together. He seems to have potential. But my list was completely exhausted and he seemed like an alright pick at this spot.

#91 Rhett Pitlick
#120 Roman Bychkov
#126 Josh Nodler

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Blues had all their guys taken. Screw you all!!!!
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Uncle Chester
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For my money, LA had the best draft of the day.
Be better.
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There were many variables in drafting so few, and so late as I did, but there were certain qualities I looked for, which I think I achieved in my draft:

57 - Danill Gudik - Absolutely loves eating bread, which is a trait I always look for. Zero gluten allergies here, folks. His fear of ice was a concern, but I have hope he'll work past it.

64 - Antii Tuomisto - This dude claims to have seen the Loch Ness Monster. And, like, adamant about it. I believe that, and, therefore, I believe in him.

105 - Blake Murray - The black sheep of the notorious Murray clan, I looked past his history of cow smuggling and looked for the real person inside, the person who has a passion for cow smuggling. He was an obvious pick at 105.
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I'll get a bigger writeup once I get a chance but overall I'm pretty happy with draft.

#7 Matthew Boldly - probably a couple picks early here but he's the guy I targeted so happy to get who I wanted. Not a game breaker but a good all-round game and projects well, I think.

#33 - Simon Holmstrom - risk/reward pick. Very skilled winger who had a couple big injuries in his draft year. See if he can overcome that or if it killed his development.

#69 - Drew Helleson. Don't know much about him.
#73 - Jordon Spence. Another guy I don't know much about.

Thanks Dropit for making my picks!!!
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Overall pretty happy with my draft - tried to prioritize skill in the later rounds with the hope of hitting on a dark horse.

#6 - Trevor Zegras - Went back and forth between Zegras and Caufield with this pick and in the end landed with Zegras. Good speed, two way play is already developed, and a good playmaker. (Anaheim - 9th overall)

#54 - Nolan Foote - Son of Adam Foote and had been ranked in the first round in some of the earlier season draft rankings. Big power forward with good pedigree. (Tampa Bay - 27th Overall)

#60 - Mads Søgaard
- 2nd ranked goalie in the draft, goalies are always a crap shoot. (Ottawa - 37 Overall)

#67 - Alex Beaucage - was a good player all season on the Memorial Cup champions. Put up good points but remains to be seen if he was a passenger or driver on that line. (78 Overall)

#78 - Matias Maccelli - crazy point production in the USHL for an 18 year old. Identical 72 points for the Dubuque Fighting Saints in his draft season as Johnny Gaudreau had, and led the USHL in scoring for draft eligible players. (Phoenix - 98 Overall)

#99 - Martin Hugo Has - Great name, big body, and can move well for his size. (Washington - 153 Overall)

#109 - Valentin Nussbaumer - okay stats for his first season in North America was better in the second half and the playoffs. (Phoenix - 207 Overall)

#110 - Yegor Serdyuk - PPG in his first season in North America, led his team in scoring by 10 points, and was 17 for the entire season. (Philadelphia - 165)

#111 - Xavier Simoneau - Smaller skilled forward in the QMJHL. Didn't have a great draft season but was stuck behind some talented older forwards. (Undrafted)

#115 - Henry Rybinski - Poor start to the season in Medicine Hat but once he escaped from that team was a PPG game player in Seattle. (Florida - 136)

#116 - Reece Newkirk - Decent draft season in Portland produced when playing with Glass or when asked to pivot his own line. (Islanders - 147)

#123 - Ethan Haider - Very young for this draft and another goalie lottery ticket. (Nashville - 148)

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1- Jack Hughes - I actually debated Kakko here but ultimately how do you not take Hughes.

31 - Nils Hoglander - Kid has some nice hands and lots of creativity, I also really like drafting Swedes for some reason.

59 - Patrick Moynihan - Might be a little high here but playing on a stacked USNTDP team limited his minutes some, plus he's a center with almost the same last name as Monahan, coincidence?

63 - Matvei Guskov - I'm usually not big on Russians but he came over and played in the OHL for his draft year which helps. Hopefully he can further adjust to the North American game.

81 - Marshall Warren - Another USNTDP player (what is with that team this year), he's undersized for a dman but his skating ability seems to make up for it.

84 - Michael Vukojevic - Bit of a long-shot here, nothing stellar about his game but seems to do everything fairly well and is already physically mature.
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Originally Posted by SportsJunky View Post
For my money, LA had the best draft of the day.
I uhh, was between night shifts. forgot that it going on. logged on to see what was happening and, yeah... I was quite happy. dunno how it went down but I was more okay with the picks after some reading
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son of looooob
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Ville Heinola (21 in CPHL draft)- 20th OV, Winnipeg Jets. Super happy he got selected by Winnipeg, my 2nd favorite team.
Jakob Pelletier (25 in CPHL draft)- 26th OV, Calgary Flames. Pumped that he got selected by my favorite team.
Samuel Poulin (29th in CPHL draft)- 21st OV, Pittsburgh Penguins. Happy to see him go in the early 20's.
Egor Afanaseyev (32nd in CPHL draft)- 45th OV, Nashville Predators. Dropped a bit but still mid 2nd round, not unhappy.
Trent Miner (127th in CPHL draft)- 202nd OV, Colorado Avalanche. Dropped to the 7th round but good stats and believe he has potential.
Oleg Zaitsev (128th in CPHL draft)- not drafted. Will be released.
Gianni Fairbrother (132nd in CPHL draft)- 77th OV, Montreal Canadiens. Went higher than expected.
Jake Lee (134th in CPHL draft)- not drafted. Will be released.
Mattias Norlinder (136th in CPHL draft)- 64th OV, Montreal Canadiens. Our highest riser.
Edmonton Oilers GM CPHL
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Don't Toews Me Bro
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Only 4 draft picks for us this year:

11. Phillip Brobeg - (8th overall in the nhl draft) Was drafted by the oilers, yuck, already on the trade block.
28. Philip Tomasino - (24th overall in nhl draft) Was a little surprised to see him still here with this pick as some mock drafts had him in the mid-teens.
38. Brayden Tracey - (29th overall in nhl draft) Pretty happy with this pick, turned out to be a first rounder too.
41. Vladislav Kolyachonok - (52nd overall in nhl draft) Don't know much about this guy, but can never have too many defensive prospects.

Thanks again to Swayze for drafting for me.
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