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I don't think it was a bad stoppage, more of an early stoppage. Does that make it a bad one, maybe, maybe not I'm not sure but I don't think that fight would have gone 60 seconds longer

I don't think Dillashaw deserves a rematch at that the weight, he had his chance and just because he wants to be the champ champ doesn't mean he deserves it. Holding up his division because you lost isn't right. If he wants the rematch than do it at his weight class and with his belt on the line.

Early stoppage or not, he lost. He put himself in a very dangerous position that a referee had to make a decision to stop the fight for his safety. As much as a fighter doesn't want to hear it I would rather a ref error on the side of safety than have a fighter landing 3 hard punches to an unconscious opponent. A perfect ref we have neither
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GSP is expected to officially announce his retirement tomorrow. He was hoping to secure a fight with Khabib but that didn't work out.
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