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damn onions
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Kinda. Maybe fortitude is the wrong word of what I’m thinking. More strategic, I guess.

What do you like about Freeland? Convince me otherwise.
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I think that she's absolutely the best of what I would class as a really bad cabinet. She was also saddled by a PM that you could generously classify as a surprisingly bad PM on the world stage.

We can talk about the Canada China relationship sliding due to the whole Wanzhou situation, but it was on the slides before that when Trudeau went to China to talk free trade, bumbled around lecturing them on human rights and saw Chinese delegates walk out of the room on him in a grand old go F yourself.

He positively ruined our relationship with India first by taking a thinly veiled Liberal commercial shoot on the tax payer dimes, then inviting a assasin to a dinner followed by blaming Indian intelligence, then lying about the results of the trip and having the Indian Government basically publicly calling him a liar.

Then he acted like a fool in Australia and skipped a trade meeting and pissed off the Australians

Frankly Trudeau who's strength was suppossed to be his rock star persona on the international stage turned into a bad performance on nearly every front.

I could go on, but frankly I'm doing this to defend Freeland.

She was dealt a bad card, her job was to try to clean up his messes, Her record of success was certainly mixed. She basically got a renewal of the Free Trade deal with the US, which was a plus. But she hasn't been effective on the China file, but again I don't think there's common ground, and this probably won't end before the Canadians in Chinese prisons die.

Again I go back to the deputy PM slot and that its a waste of talent. I'm assuming though that the Liberal's insisted on Justin putting her there as some kind of succession plan. That we will see less of Justin in front of the media and more of Freeland. I do expect that she's going to get one big file and that's western alienation, and I have a feeling that its ride or die on that one, and its setting her up for a bit of a failure.

I would have expected that they should have put her into a trouble spot portfolio. Indigenous Affairs or Environment to name two would have been a better use of her talents. She could have been a better consensus maker then the other two boobs that they had running those files.

It feels like the Liberals feel deep down that they're already preparing for the next election, and it will not be Trudeau at the head of the party.
Just when you think you have the answers, I change the questions
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Originally Posted by Mr.Coffee View Post
Disagree and I do not understand how she gets this reputation of being some kind of wizard. However I believe it stems from a) she’s female and I think people want to see a female PM and b) she has celebrity status amongst Canadians for the NAFTA negotiations. Beyond that, her bizarre show and tell promo with a refugee that had escaped to Australia and was seeking asylum was nothing short of self-congratulating grandstanding and then also considering the debacle of every single Foreign relationship we have being worse off- in some cases significantly- I have no idea how people come to this conclusion that she is any good. At all. She is awful. Or was at least, with that file but in no way whatsoever should she be granted Deputy PM. Only other worse option is Butts but I think he may be actual PM.

China, perhaps our most important relationship, is a debacle right now.
Dude, F China. And that's mostly on Trump anyways.
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