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I think one Oilers' stick is touching the ice and I think it's Pickard's and he's on his knees.
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and of course theres always this classic

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Originally Posted by TrentCrimmIndependent View Post
I actually think it would've turned around under Woodcroft given enough time.

Thank goodness they didn't have the patience nor tolerance to see it through.

There's no chance under this new guy. And they deserve every bit of fallout that comes from that kneejerk decision.
Yeah it kind of looked like things may (heavy emphasis on may) have been turning around under Woodcroft right when they fired him. When you make the coaching change as early as the Oilers did, it better pay off or it's season over at that was the lone card they had left to play as firing the GM in the season isn't going to change the plight on the ice. In hindsight it may have been better to hire a more experienced coach to take over this situation rather than McDavid's junior coach.
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Originally Posted by transplant99 View Post
Lol this screenshot is too much. PERFECT example of box +1!
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McAvi is such a freak of an athlete that if he gave even half effort playing D, no team would ever get a chance on a rush. Instead, heís so entitled that he thinks he is so good at half his job, that itís everyone elseís job to cover what he doesnít want to do. Itís an entitlement perfect storm that heís ended up in this #### hole organization who agree with McAvi.

Itís been working really well in junior and the pros, keep it up kid!
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"Gimme a glass of wine or a beer, and I think in two years they lose 60 games and McDavid. That may be a little eager, but I donít think more than four."

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Originally Posted by CedarMeter View Post
Has an NHL team ever fired two coaches in one year?
Has an NHL team ever rehired a somewhat successful (blech!) coach they hastily fired but still have under contract?
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Originally Posted by Jaybo View Post
Has an NHL team ever rehired a somewhat successful (blech!) coach they hastily fired but still have under contract?
Harold Ballard years in Toronto are the only thing that comes to mind with Roger Nielsen who was fired during a TV interview, which is like old school Skype I guess, there was no replacement hired and they wanted him to wear a paper bag in his head.

But like most people have been saying this team isn't built well. There is no team defense, the forward group is thin up front, and goaltending isn't good enough.
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It's time for a new chapter.
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Originally Posted by woob
"...harem warfare? like all your wives dressup and go paintballing?"
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e=ng , edmonton is no good , no good no good , no good no good no good , not f***ing good enough

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