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Sure, between him and Monahan, the best players on the Flames in the playoffs. Slick hands and not afraid to face wash. Exactly more of what the Flames need.

But Versteeg seems like he wears out his welcome and/or isn't content for very long in one place, give his recent migrations over the past seasons, outside of his two extended periods in Chicago...who themselves may want him back after this season,for a third go,given their crashing out tonight.
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I can't be bothered to find the link, but an article just quoted Versteeg as saying playing with this young Flames team 'restored [his] love for the game'.

Let's all pray that Brouwer goes to Gary McVegas & the 'Steeger can be the Flames token veteran forward.
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Originally Posted by iamca View Post
Yes, but no way he will sign for one year or less than $2M.

I realize his age, but he will get interest elsewhere and he's not going to take 50% less to play in Calgary. I predict he'll sign for two years and $2.5M per year if Tre can work it out.
Players older than Versteeg on the team that just swept the Flames:

Getzlaff, Perry, Kesler, Vermette, Thompson, Eaves, Bieksa all playing significant roles in putting down the Flames and providing cover and leadership for the under 26s on the team,

Players older than Versteeg signed by Flames for 2017-18 Gio, Stajan Brouwer. Engelland being the only old guy likely moving on

The Flames had 6 players under 26 playing in the first 3 games and with Lazar and Freddie H. playing the last game 8.
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