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I can't believe I switched for a year. Shaw can't compete with Telus anymore. Zero reason to be with Shaw unless they don't offer 150 in your area.
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Ugh, the new Optik on the go app blows so friggin much.

They upgraded so many things and improved so many of the features but the layout is beyond horrendous. Just terrible. Interface when I finally find the show i want, after about 15 clicks, is great. But it's like they don't want people to watch what they want, only the crap that's featured. Everything is just a chore to find.
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I am looking at making the switch from Bell to Telus. Any "gotcha's" I should worry about? I was reading about the "Fast Forward disabled by broadcaster" message- some people say that is only if you rewind past where you started watching live. Anybody with that experience?

I often find a show, tune to it and then pause as I make breakfast. Then I can sit down and fast forward as I go.

Also, how is the range with the wireless boxes? I'm looking at getting one main box and 5 additional boxes.
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I've only seen the 'skip disabled by broadcaster' when I restart a show that I didn't start watching.

The guide is fantastic and the mobile app allows you to record shows remotely.

I don't have wireless boxes, can't help you there.

I'm really happy with Telus. Can't see myself going back to Shaw.
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wireless box has really good range. im watching on my upstairs bedroom, and the telus box is in basement utility room on other end of the house
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We put a wireless box the main bedroom.
Our little one is totally into Family Feud right now (IDK why), and with being able to rewind programs up to 24 hrs behind, we have Family Feud running all day.
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