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Default Handyperson help needed

So I am the furthest thing from a handman, and there are a few things that have piled up on the condo that are beyond my very limited abilities/tools.

-Kitchen: Faucet is just trickling out. Water into the sink seems fine, as we can turn it off under the sink and have no water, plus the dishwasher next to it still works. Not sure if we would need an easy repair, or a new faucet (which we have bought)

-Bathroom: Girlfriend bought two small hanging cupboards for the bathroom, but hasn't finished assembly so that needs doing plus getting them put up.

-Hallway: We have one of a double light fixture that will pop and sizzle if you put a bulb in it.

-Computer room/man cave: Need to put up a pretty heavy jersey box. This will probably need a couple of anchor points and wire, as it is a pretty heavy duty box that has been matted with a couple pucks put in it.

I know this is a pretty eclectic list, so if you figure you can do some of this but not all please feel free to message me.

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need some help , not a handyman , not a toolman

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