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Default LF: Landscaper - brick patio construction

I'm looking to turn an approx. 22' X 12' area of my backyard into an interlocking brick/stone or concrete patio. Would be looking for a company to come in and completely prep the area (dig out, put down crushed gravel, sand, etc. and potentially insert actual stone/brick.

Located inner city calgary. Alley and easy access to work site.
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Bump. Looking for same for a small walkway project.

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hey guys, not sure if you are interested in doing some self install work but check out this product from Alliance Gator.

takes the prep work out of the crushed gravel and makes it easier for the do-it-yourselfer and the professional landscaper

PM me for more details, any contractors on here can PM me as well
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I recently had some work done by Kay2 Contracting and they were great to deal with. Replied to emails within five minutes or made sure to within 24 hours. Left my backyard clean and answered all questions I had. <-- I have the most recent review

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