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I stopped at 40.
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I have an 80, a 72, and a 28.

By this point, I'm mainly PvPing, but 90% of my gaming time is dwarfed by MechWarrior: Online.

Originally Posted by MrMastodonFarm View Post
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Borderlands 2 just immersed me so much better.

That said, Guildwars is a game that unlike WoW you can ebb and flow from because of the lack of a need for a sub. I see myself playing here and there, but never only it.


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I started playing two weeks ago and have gotten to level 30.

The game is a time waster, so it only gets played when there's nothing else going on. Yesterday's crummy weather made it a perfect "Sit and play" afternoon before heading out for the night.

Population seems fine to me, fwiw. The lack of sub means this game will have people coming back for ages, getting some play time in, and walking away. That's why I bought it.

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Sinny Darino
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I have a level 80 Ele, and a level 10 Warrior right now. The game is not dieing, there are still hoards of people around (especially in the higher level areas).

To anyone who says "OH NOZ! NO END GAMEZ STOOFZ!" I say you are a bloody fool. The entire game is end game... You go to a noobie zone, you get downleveld... Have you even tried any of the dungeons? Unless you have a somewhat co-ordinated party, you are going to get ROFLStomped quick... Need I even mention Explorable mode over Story mode?

They just released a Haloween update with new quests, items, dungeons, puzzles.

If you are the kind of person that zergs your way through crap, it is your own damn fault. Explore the map, hell, get 100% map completion. There are loads of things to do in GW2. I have logged over 250 hours on my Elementalist and I am still not bored, and still have not completed everything.

Having a guild with Vent also helps, it helps get you more involved, party with Guildies (ect)

My Guild is on the Henge of Denravi Server if any of you guys are looking for a smaller cool group of people to hang out with.

Message me in game "Sindarin"
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Ya I agree I shouldn't judge a game before the end game content, however, you need to keep me interested long enough to get to that content.

GW2 failed for me, but I am glad to see others are able to find enjoyment in it. I appreciate what they are trying to do and hope more games will break away from the current MMO Cookie Cutter experience. This particular experience just wasn't for me.
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Sinny Darino
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Did you ever play GW1? I have heard a few people say they are confused and what the heck is going on here. The GW1 knowledgebase and lore is quite a important part of the story I think...

Knowing what is happening and why is the key element here, like why are we fighting dragons, where did this "insert whatever here" come from.

Maybe it is because I played GW1 for 5-6 years, and I know all of that history and whatnot.
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Broke down and got this to give it a try.

My biggest complaint so far 5 character slots and $10 for more is a ripoff, I can't even try each class without deleting a character

But it doesn't take long to get an idea of each character, and I'm already in trouble because I pretty much everything so far lol.

Started out with a Necromancer to express my inner gothic lolita but don't really like it, not usually a fan of classes with pets. But every other class I've tried is neat. Warrior you have so many weapon combinations it's crazy, couldn't see getting bored. Elementalist is the same with magic. Thief is fun with the pistols and the back stabbing.

So far I just like that there's so much variety within a single class, and then the different classes aren't just copies of each other class's variety; they're all very different from each other.

The level up/down for content is also interesting.
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Is anyone still playing? I just re-installed it for the first time since September. Got a Necromancer to level 80 last time around but I decided to start again with a new character rather than trying to pick up where I left off and being confused as hell. The game has changed quite a bit since I last played. I must say, I'm having fun being a noob-ass again. Leveling a Warrior on Northern Shiverpeaks right now; level 15 so far.
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I'm playing this. Got an 80 ranger on Ferguson's Crossing. Friend me up, Oak Fire, if you want to run some dungeons with me and another bud from Calgary!
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Sinny Darino
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Lets Bump This!

With the second expansion just over a month away, the game seems to keep on trucking. Does anyone still play?
The first expansion was kind of a downer for me, but from all accounts this next one is rumored to be really good, so we will have to see. Plus, we get to explore Elona and the Crystal Desert!
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