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Opening Day Lineup:

1.Drury 3B
2.Grichuk RF
3.Hernandez LF
4.Smoak 1B
5.Gurriel Jr. 2B
6.Pillar CF
7.Tellez DH
8.Jansen C
9.Galvis SS

Not a whole lot OBP in that lineup. Pillar at 6 is scary, probably should be at 8. Nice to see Gurriel, Jansen and Tellez in the opening day Lineup. Two more weeks and Vladdy will be up in the middle of the lineup.

I would like to see Bichette, but I have a feeling that management will wait till next year to bring him up. That way they aren't dealing with contracts for Vladdy and Bichette in the same season.
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I believe in the Jays.
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Whoa... the Jays got 1M in intl bonus pool money for Morales. adding in the 500K they got for Dwight Smith Jr. that's an extra 1.5M that's a significant chunk for July 2 bonus babies.
Ken King should be fired.
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