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Pretty clutch by Rory down the stretch.
It's only game. Why you heff to be mad?
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Senator Clay Davis
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Loved that he just flushed that driver on 18 when Azinger was telling him to club down. Be you Rory.
"Think I'm gonna be the scapegoat for the whole damn machine? Sheeee......."
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Taylor tied for 4th lowest round of the day. T-16 and a big payday. Well done.
"OOOOOOHHHHHHH those Russians" - Boney M
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One of the better tournaments I've watched in the last couple years. What a finish. I was happy for Rory, but would have preferred Furyk after seeing him tear up at the end there.

That must be quite the feeling when you're an older guy just hanging around because you can and suddenly you're front and centre on a huge tournament. I think they mostly just play figuring the chances of a week like this are miniscule.
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