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Default Wedding Band Resizing

I have lost a fairly significant amount of weight and my wedding band does not fit any more. I still have more weight to lose so I don't want to resize the ring just yet. Are there any other options?

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I know there's like an insert thing they can use (my mother has one) it makes it appear/feel smaller without actually resizing it.
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We can insert a ring guard for temporary use. It's not ideal but it should work until you decide you'd like to size the ring down permanently.
Bring it down to the store when you get a chance if you'd like!
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This has also happened to myself and I have been "meaning to get it resized" for over a year now. Wife really hates how I don't wear my ring anymore since it is annoying when it moves around on my finger
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How many sizes down can you generally size an engagement ring? Are there any general rules regarding this?
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