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Poor Ottawa. Can only get 7% in their home province.
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Originally Posted by Yrebmi View Post
That's not cool
Saskatchewan has it's own identity and is not diluted anything.

I always hated it when eastern Canadians dismissed western Canada as somehow lesser because of a less dense population and that comment felt similar.
Riders fans wreck Saskatchewan for everyone.
Originally Posted by woob
"...harem warfare? like all your wives dressup and go paintballing?"
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Originally Posted by Textcritic View Post
Riders fans wreck Saskatchewan for everyone.
I still remember that infamous Flames game at the Dome where the Flames were recognizing a moment of silence for our military and the Riders score came up on the OOT scoreboard in the Dome and Riders/Flames fans started cheering.
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Heroes Never Die.

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Not sure the survey is terribly insightful. It largely reflects population by region, with some allowances for relocations. The gender results are not likely statistically significant.
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Originally Posted by GGG View Post
Saskatoon is the Calgary and Regina is the Edmonton of Saskatchewan

Having moved from Saskatoon to Calgary, I can say with great.... surety, that this is a perfect comparison.

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I grew up in Saskatoon between 1984 and 2000. There were very few flames fans around. Mainly because the oilers just had a better team. The 80's dynasty oilers were way more fun to watch compared to flames. Theo and Lanny were clowns compared to Gretzky and Messier. I remember we took a survey for favourite Canadian team when I was in 6th or 7th grade and out of 25 kids, 15 were oilers fans, 5 were habs fans, 3 were leafs fans and 2 were flames fans. We always laughed at kids who were flames fans.

Plus as a city, Edmonton had the hockey team and West Ed which, as a kid, made a weekend trip there much more fun than going to Calgary.
It wasn't until I had moved to Calgary in 2000 and lived here for a couple years before I finally got into the Flames.

And yes, Saskatoon is definitely the Calgary of SK if you are comparing Saskatoon and Regina.
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