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Default Infraction Points

I received an infraction point, and it says it will expire at some point.

How does this point system work? Two infractions and your banned for life? Or?

Couldn't find anything in the forum rules section.
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Pretty sure it says in the rules that if you get 15 points, you're suspended.

But... like... what happens after that?
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There's no specific rules, it's just moderator judgment.

Infractions are just a way for mods to track who's been contacted about what posts. Without it we'd have to constantly communicate who we've PMed about what post and what we said, whereas with the infraction system, who gave them, for what, etc are easily visible to mods.

The only thing the points really do is give an indication if the moderator thinks the infraction was especially severe. Typically they're 0 or 1 point, but may be 2 or 5 if the mod really wants to draw attention to the incident so if a mod is looking at a history, they'll see that something was unusual about a specific infraction.

In addition the interface is a bit wonky so often times there's no actual expiry set on an infraction; no meaning should be read into that, there's no difference from our point of view between infractions that expire and those that don't.

There's been people banned with 0 prior infractions, and there's been people with a large number built up over many years. It's a judgment by the mods, we usually discuss every potential banning and they're almost never precipitated by passing a certain number of points, more typically by a particularly poor post or an ongoing pattern of posts.

Hope that helps.
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Originally Posted by TheScorpion View Post

But... like... what happens after that?
You come back under a different name and we try and guess who you were. You get offended and say something like you've always been a lurker but just recently joined and that's why you know about threads from years ago. After a while you revert to the style that got you banned in the first place and you get banned again. At this point the cycle starts again.
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