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Jiri Hrdina
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Originally Posted by Ashasx View Post
The more I think about this, the more I think the Flames should probably be helping the Panthers make the playoffs next year.

It would probably be better to trade somebody like Mangiapane to them for future considerations than somewhere else for a 2nd round pick if it helps ensure the Flames retain their own 1st.
If the Panthers are going to be bad next year (doubtful) I don't think Mangiapane changes that.
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The last 2 years have been pretty much a kick in the nuts to Flames fans. From seeing our franchise players leave to replacing them with free agents and trade acquisitions that have contracts that are either already awful or almost certainly will become difficult in the future. The fact that Treliving had to trade a future 1st round pick to fit those guys in stings. To then see 5 of the 7 pending free agents refuse whatever extension was offered and to enter a rebuild anyway is brutal. Instead of Tkachuk being used for futures and seeing the returns a lot of players got at the 2023 trade deadline the Flames missed the boat. They could be entering their second draft with multiple 1sts and top 10 pick but now they enter their first with 7 more years of Huberdeau at $10.5M, and the potential to lose a top 10 pick to the Habs next year all so we can have a 34 year old making $7M for the next 5 years.

Such a horrible spot and it is all thanks to Treliving. Conroy is doing an admirable job of getting things back on the rails but we are several years from the playoffs unless something unforeseen happens which would inevitably would derail this rebuild and speed things up and lead to another run of mediocrity

All this while the Oilers look like they are going to win a cup or more while potentially keeping McDavid and Draisaitl throughout their careers, the Canucks have become relevant again and Treliving has landed the highest profile GM job in the league and was able to re-sign the franchise players on that team who could breakout and go on a run in the next 1-3 years.

Truly is a dark timeline. At least it looks like the new arena is coming and the threat of relocation isn’t looming to make this truly the darkest to timelines for the Flames. I just personally hope we are not entering a Buffalo/Ottawa/Columbus period of time
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Originally Posted by Jiri Hrdina View Post
If the Panthers are going to be bad next year (doubtful) I don't think Mangiapane changes that.
It was just as an example but really there is only so much this team can offer now

I also think Mangiapane still pushes play (and fits the Panthers style) despite his production falling off

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Johnny Makarov
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Originally Posted by timbit View Post
Like…minus 16k bad?
No I cashed out $16. Would have been up like close to $35k though...

Ugh. what an effing timeline. Good thing I didn't watch the past 3 games but will be watching tonight!

Was in Edmonchuk this weekend. They spend alot of money when the Oilers are winning.. so I took a lot of money off their hands and took two 45 min showers!! take that!
Peter12 "I'm no Trump fan but he is smarter than most if not everyone in this thread.
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Enoch Root
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IMO, the cloud that has been hanging over the Flames for the last 2 years (and since 2006, to a lesser degree) is finally starting to lift.

I think Conroy's actions over the last 12 months are changing the tide, and the draft this weekend will be the initial dawn of a new hope.

I also think this playoff run will mark the high water mark for the Oilers, and their fortunes will start to erode from here.

I say to you, children: rejoice! a new dawn is rising!
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Originally Posted by Nadal Fan View Post

Well said. This is how I felt going into game 7.

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That felt like a Dr. Strange 1 in 14 million outcomes situation with how everything was going their way.

Panthers mustered just enough strength in the last possible game to defeat evil.

Felt like the end of a rousing blockbuster where a rag tag group save the world from destruction.

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That's the happiest night for me since my girl friend passed 4 years ago, the only thing is that she wasn't here to share joy with me. But as the clock counted down to zero, I was hugging her photo.
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