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The games posted below involve american teams and will be on various Sportsnet channels. The weekly addition of games will affect those who have Centre Ice.

Jan. 11 BJs at Sabres on SN360 and Sportsnet but not on the West channel

Jan. 13 Red Wings at Penguins on Sportsnet

Jan. 15 Stars at Bruins and Sharks at Kings on Sportsnet

Jan. 16 Knights at Predators on Sportsnet

Jan. 17 Penguins at Ducks on SN360 and Sportsnet

Jan. 18 Bruins at Islanders and Penguins at Kings both on SN1 and SN360

Jan. 19 Knights at Panthers on SN1

Jan. 21 Rangers at Kings on SN1 and Sportsnet
Jan. 22 Red Wings at Devils on SN1 and Sportsnet

Jan. 23 Bruins at Devils on Sportsnet but not on the West channel
Jan. 23 BJs at Knights on SN360

Jan. 25 Lightning at Flyers and Islanders at Knights on SN1
Remember this, TSN stands for Toronto's Sports Network!
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