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Question LF: Accountant (Small Business)

Hi there,

As some may know via my other post, my wife and I recently opened up a fast food restaurant, Odd Burger here in Calgary.

I have QuickBooks Online and am using them for payroll as well.

We opened in December but as you can imagine with construction and what not I have many expenses to reconcile that date back to 2021.

I'm realizing that what I'd like is for someone to come in (I'd provide all the invoices, expenses, revenue, etc.) and do the proper initial set up of my QBO and get it to a steady spot from that perspective and then myself take over book keeping after the fact.

If you, or you would you know anyone who may be able to provide these type of services, please PM me.Not looking for this to be a continuous book keeping service but rather the initial set up.

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paging @Locke
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What Nufy said
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