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J pold
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Default LF: Laptop repair

My corporate issue laptop is having issues.

Mainly when I plug it into my docking stations it won't display my monitors. I've tried checking all cables, power, etc but nothing. When other people with the same laptop plug into the dock everything is working fine.

My cursor will sometimes go haywire and just start locking onto a single point on my screen until I do a hard reboot. And finally it sometimes just shuts off entirely on its own.

I've spoken with my IT team a number of times but they are in the US and can't find the solution remotely. They think it's a hardware issue and the laptop needs repair but the corporate policy is sending it back to the US, which will take a week and I can't be without a laptop that long.

I've gotten them to agree to have to be serviced here and I will just bill them for it. Does anyone have any recommendations but an inner-city laptop repair place? Thank!
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