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Originally Posted by PeteMoss View Post
I don't think there is any doubt that 2015 and 2016 drafts were home runs even if Fox didn't show up. But once you get past those 2 drafts - its not looking great.

2017 is looking like a whiff with Valamaki being waived, you're left with Ruzicka who is still fighting to earn a job.

2018 is probably a complete whiff which is to be expected when you don't pick before the 4th round. Too early to tell on the rest - but a lot of hope rests of goalies (who are voodoo) panning out.
Right and in those two years (2017 and 2018) the problem is they drafted once, combined, in the top 3 rounds.
Which everyone acknowledges as being the problem.
But the available data shows that when the team has picks, they are efficient with them.

You said you need to compare to other teams. Someone provided a tool that does that and now you are dismissing yet. Yes that tool is influenced by those two drafts, but for the rest, indeed either they didn't have picks or it's too early to tell.

Thus anyone concluding this club drafts poorly (not saying you are saying that but some are) as drawing the conclusion prematurely.

To say it again: The problem is lack of picks.
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Stromgren is now up to 10 games in the SHL with only 1 point.
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13 games in the SHL, only 1 point,-2.
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Stromgren is in a weird spot where he probably should be playing in the Allsvensken (Swedish second division) but instead is playing with the SHL teams and getting limited ice time.

In some ways it's a good sign the team has seen enough to keep him around, but yeah as a fan it'd be nice if he was playing more and dominating in the league below. There are only 14 guys in the SHL that are 20 or younger that have even played in 10 games or more, and it's about one per team.

Patience with Swedish prospects developing in Sweden is key though. Backlund never actually played in the SHL and came over after just okay performances in the Allsvensken.

Washington traded Forsberg after a poor season in the Allsvensken when he was 18/19 too.

Neither of those guys even played in the SHL at the same age that Stromgren is, and you're going to be disappointed if you expect offensive production from him this year I think. Hopefully though sticking in the SHL means he is improving his all around game which is what needed work, the raw skill and size is there.

Edit: Looks like he got an assist today on a pretty nice play by him to attack the middle of the ice after winning a board battle

Edit Again: And he just scored a goal to go up 3-2 in the third

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Comparing Stromgren and Heineman:

D+1: 36 points in 44 J20 Nationell games
D+2: 3 points in 14 SHL games

D+1: 41 points in 29 J20 SuperElit games
D+2: 16 points in 38 SHL games

William Stromgren is 6'3, 19 years old, and 172 lbs. I feel like as at athlete, there is no excuse for being that light when you should have been training (and eating) for several years at that point.

Matt Coronato, when drafted, was 5'10 and 183 lbs. Arseni Sergeev, when drafted, was 6'3 and 195 lbs. Lucas Ciona was 6'2 and 206.

It terms of stats, I think Stromgren is still rather comparable to Heineman. But it would be nice to see some concrete development in terms of production, physical growth, and style.
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Absolutely correct, he's going to have to start showing some numbers soon, although he only just turned 19 in June-so he's very young and playing in a men's league. It's hard to defend him, but I'm not quite ready to write him off yet-he has some great tools.

Nice to see him get some points tonight.
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internet random predicts Team Sweden 2023 WJC roster; includes Stromgren

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