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Default Charity Hockey Game

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Good Day all, and thanks for taking a few moments to see what this is all about.

I'm hosting a charity hockey game, in Coaldale Alberta on December 22nd 2018, from 8:00PM until 11:30PM. If you're not sure where Coaldale is, it's 11 KM East of Lethbridge.

I've teamed up with our local food bank to sponsor some families in our small community over the Holidays. As of last night We have dedicated to sponsor 2 families. Each sponsorship consists of a list of food items and small necessities, however, our goal is to go far above and beyond that, and provide these families with a Christmas that they will remember fondly years from now.

So, why am I creating a thread on CP?

Firstly, because I know there are members from the Lethbridge area, and as we've planned a 3 and a half hour game, I'm looking to fill 50 skater spots, and 6 goalie spots. Currently I have 9 skaters and 4 goalies registered, so I'm looking for more men or women over the age of 18, who'd be interested in playing! It's going to be a laid back, fun game, so all skill levels are welcome.

Secondly, I've seen the kindness and generosity this amazing community is capable of, and after meeting with the Food Bank staff last night, it's really hit me how many families struggle through the Holidays. Initially my plan was to collect the $20 registration fees from players, totaling $1,120 if all spots are filled, and using that to fill out our sponsorship. However, I would like to do more, so I'm now looking to do some fund raising, to not only provide far more than what is requested of the sponsorship for these two families, but to hopefully sponsor more families, as there are still over a dozen un-sponsored families at this time.

My cut off for registration and donations is December 10th, as deliveries are made to the families between the 12th and 16th, and my wife, son and I will require time to do the shopping and put everything together.

The information that I was provided regarding the 2 families is as follows:
One family is a couple with infant son (8 weeks old), and the other family is a couple with 9 year old son, and 11 year old daughter. I want to make this a memorable Christmas for these families.

So, if you are interested in playing, or donating, or just have questions, please comment or message me directly. You can also join our Facebook Group: Coaldale Christmas Charity Hockey Game.

As the sponsorship is private, and in my name, donations will need to be sent directly to myself, which I know may scare some away, so any suggestions for transparency will be taken seriously.
I will post, and keep an updated list of any who donate in the thread, unless donaters would rather remain anonymous, and will post pictures of everything that is purchased, along with receipts once shopping is completed so all monies will be accounted for.

Thank you for taking your time to read through this, and your consideration, hopefully together we can make a difference. If not in Coaldale, I hope this has inspired you a little to get involved a little closer to home, as this is an issue everywhere.
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Bumping this thread, though there wasn't any response last year.

Due to last years success, I am running the Charity Hockey Game again this year.
Last year we were able to raise $3,080.00. $2,000 was split and spent on the 2 families we sponsored, and the remaining $1,080.00 was donated directly to the Food Bank.

This year our goal is to raise $7,500, to sponsor 4 families, and make another cash donation directly to the Food Bank.
As it is still a private event, donations are made directly through the registered players. Though the Food Bank will write receipts for any donation over $20, they only do so for donations made directly to the Food Bank, which means those funds can not be used towards family sponsorships.

I've changed the format of the game from a 3 and a half hour marathon game, to a 4 team, 3 on 3 tournament. Each team will play 3, 30 minute games, with a champion crowned at the end. The games will take place Saturday December 21st, from 7:30PM til Midnight at the Coaldale Community Arena.

Aside from Donations, we are seeking sponsors as well, either to help cover the costs of Jerseys, or for Prizes. So far, some of our Sponsors include the Calgary Flames, The Lethbridge Hurricanes, and The Coaldale Copperheads, as well as several other local businesses.

So, if you are interested in Playing, Donating or Sponsoring, please message me, and I can provide further details.

Thank you CP!
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If I lived in the area I'd totally be involved in this! Great idea and I applaud you for putting it on. Good job!
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Originally Posted by flamesfan1297 View Post
If I lived in the area I'd totally be involved in this! Great idea and I applaud you for putting it on. Good job!
Thank you, I appreciate that.
It's a lot of fun, and a good way to stay involved with, and give back to a good little community.
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