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The Avs season has been beyond bad, but I still say the modern era champion was the 2014-15 Sabres. That team set out to be as bad as possible and succeeded. At least the Avs should be better than they are; it doesn't make sense that they're doing this poorly. The Sabres had every business being just that terrible. In terms of results, they actually overachieved, which got Enroth shipped out of town; he was stealing games. And they still only had 23 wins.
If you were given the option to pay 45 cents to predict the outcome of a coin flip, and if correct in your prediction you win a dollar, you may lose 45 cents on the first try. You may even lose 90 cents after the second try. But if you keep betting, you'll end up ahead in the long term. This is the value of analytics. They do not describe destiny, only the likeliest result.

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There are a few different metrics we could use to define "worst in the league" for this year.

The most obvious is point percentage, which just looks at the standings:

1. Colorado (.303)
2. Arizona (.424)
3. New Jersey (.451)
4. Vancouver (.458)
T5. Detroit (.472)
T5. Dallas (.472)

Another way we could define worst is to look at goal differential:

1. Colorado (-95)
2. Arizona (-61)
3. Vancouver (-48)
4. New Jersey (-46)
5. Detroit (-42)

Goal differential basically keeps the same teams on the list, with a minor swap. We could also look at goals for to see which teams are generating offence, but that once again mostly keeps the same teams together which is boring.

Another option is to look at the salaries of each team and compare that to their current points. This essentially becomes an efficiency measure; how good is each team at spending their salary. This is measured as "Salary per Point". However, it's based on current point percentage projected out to 82 games.

1. Colorado ($1,448,385)
2. Arizona ($1,082,273)
3. Detroit ($1,013,450)
4. Vancouver ($955,975)
5. Dallas ($902,987)

Once again, that Colorado team is bad by every metric seen here. The main difference with this last measure is that New Jersey isn't on the list.

Really, all of these teams are terrible.
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Stan Kroenke should stop owning professional sports franchises. The fans of his teams all hate him and the teams generally all suck.
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