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Originally Posted by dammage79 View Post
Having said that, how hard would it be to have the quote blocked as well. I can see ignored poster "Turd Burgler deluxe" is making a post but I cannot see its content, I figure the same thing could be done in quote.
The ignore feature isn't designed or implemented that way, it does work as intended, just its intention was different than what you envision.

In principle it could be changed to work like you're desiring, but it'd require changes to the guts of the forum software. Deciding to display a post or not is pretty easy since when the forum displays posts to you it goes into the post table and asks for all the posts for a thread in a certain order, and then asks for your ignore list from that table, and then when it creates the code to send to your browser it modifies the information so that the right posts are displayed differently.

The problem with quotes is that they aren't stored in any kind of special way, they're just stored as text, so the forum software doesn't have a way to tell if a quote inside a post is from a specific user.

The software would either have to be changed at a low level to store post text with quotes in a very different way to facilitate the feature, or each post's content would have to be evaluated looking for specific sequences of characters that represent a quote from a specific user.

The first way is possible, but would probably require days to weeks of development effort. The second way would maybe require less development, but would be prohibitively expensive in terms of server resources (or would require even more development effort to make it reasonably efficient).

tl;dr It works as it was designed to, and changing it to your concept is not something that could easily be done.

And I'm personally with Jiri, I find the most effective ignore tool is my brain, I just skip reading things.
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Originally Posted by jayswin View Post
That joke almost got by but then then Dion reached out and snatched it!
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There was a firefox (maybe Chrome) plug in that didn't display any posts that were quoted of a certain poster. It was years ago when I last used it.

Somewhere in the help forum is a thread on it. No idea if it still would work or be available.
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