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2016 NHL Draft Results: Where The Next Ones Landed

"The following table highlights the 2016 NHL draft results with respect to where players ranked in The Next Ones Top 120 landed ending off with the eleven who went undrafted. The second tab of the spreadsheet is sorted by team. If the player wasn’t ranked in The Next Ones rankings, he’s not included here."
The Undrafted Next Ones

The following players went undrafted (that were ranking in Top 120). We might see (at least some of) them at prospect development camps this summer.

73 Fortier, Maxime 5’10 RW
75 Kuznetsov, Vladimir 6’1 RW
82 Stransky, Simon 5’11 LW
87 Wahlgren, Tim 6’0 C
93 Sawchenko, Zach 6’0 G
97 Gleason, Benjamin 6’0 D
99 Reichel, Kristian 6’1 C
103 Mäkinen, Otto 6’1 F
104 Maksimovich, Kyle 5’9 LW
109 Burke, Brayden 5’10 LW
115 Weissbach, Linus 5’9 W

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