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Originally Posted by Fire View Post
I don't know if I could find it, I can search for it.

If I remember though, Calgary's owners as well as Toronto's BC's were favorable to selling. I'll see if I can find anything.

The original plan was for Vince to just buy the argo's and they were all over that. However the debate between the owners was that Vince would wreck the Canadian game.

At the time of the preliminary inquiry of buying the league, the CFL was in terrible shape financially as well.
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I googled for it but all I found was someone mentioning it in a reddit thread. In any case I doubt the CFL would exist anymore if Vince got a hold of it.

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Originally Posted by Cecil Terwilliger View Post
Catholics vs Convicts is mostly about ND, which is fine, we already have two full 30 for 30s about Miami.

I'm in stitches about the stories of Lou Holtz insulting guys at practices, especially Pat Tyrell.
I liked how they kept changing his position on the onscreen description as he was going over the stories of how Holtz kept moving him around
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I watched the XFL one yesterday. Very interesting.
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Today the second episode of the ESPN 30 For 30 Podcast series was released and it was another interesting episode. Highly recommend it for anyone who's a fan of the documentaries or podcasts in general.

iTunes link:
Originally Posted by Back2Back View Post
The Oilers are very close on becoming a powerhouse team.
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