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Originally Posted by Lanny_McDonald View Post
Well, if Monahan drops out, you have who step in? Simon? Rinaldo? Robinson?
Offseasons are good for that. You have options.
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Originally Posted by dissentowner View Post
A team guy would realize he is better off sitting and healing up instead of going out there and doing nothing. Monahan is made of glass, doesn't skate well, and his wrists have taken a beating. If you can move him for fair value that is a blessing, if there is nothing but lowball offers you keep him and hope he has a bounceback season and then you move him.
This just isnít the case for many injuries. While it may be painful and he doesnít have full mobility, some injuries donít ďheal upĒ and donít get worse by just sitting. At most he could have gotten his surgery earlier but that would change nothing.

The only question for such injuries is whether the replacement is better or worse than Monahan at 50% or whatever he was.
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Originally Posted by Lanny_McDonald View Post
Do we dump every player that get's hurt? I guess we should be dumping Tyler Parsons too? Martin Pospisil as well?

I love that people complain that a guy gets hurt but still plays, trying to help the team, but what happens if he takes your advice and sits? When does the complaining begin that he isn't playing through some of these "minor" injuries and isn't a team guy? I like heart and soul players, and Monahan is one of those.
I donít think anyone is criticizing Monahanís heart. He has been doing everything asked of him. That said, he shouldíve sat instead of being ineffective on the ice. His ice time couldíve been used to give a younger player the opportunity. Perhaps Bennett, or Dube. It couldíve been a good development opportunity.

For the longest time we wanted to know how would splitting Gaudreau and Monahan work out. Based on last season it seems that Monahan is the bigger beneficiary from that combination. Consider the ineffectiveness of the Gaudreau-Monahan line 5 on 5 starting from the bubble, and throughout this season. That line was constantly hemmed in their own zone, and was too gased to do anything but dump the puck in at the end of a long shift.

I donít think thereís one poster that wouldnít love Monahan getting back to form. His passing is underrated, and his physical and defensive play was slowly improving. His shot(in particular the speed of release) is his biggest weapon and a huge reason for concern based on last season. His bigger attention to defence, or lack of speed made him seem rather ineffective in transition this last season. He had plenty of points off the rush in 2018-19, but for one reason or another he was ineffective last season.

The reason fans are frustrated is because we donít know the extent of Monahanís injuries, and we donít know the degree to which he would recover. We know that at the interviews to start the season heís always 100% and feeling better than ever. At the end of the season we find out he was playing through something. Rinse and repeat. Last season his line generated on average as much offence 5 on 5 as Nordstrom(per 60). He is a much better player than Nordstrom, particularly offensively, but that is a huge red flag.

I think that the lack of information about the injuries leads fans to guess about his effectiveness going forward. People donít want to trade Monahan because they think heís a bad person. The math is simple Gaudreau-Lindholm-Tkachuk looked like a top line. The teamís core needs an overhaul, and trading Monahan seems like the least risky way to achieve it.
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Originally Posted by dissentowner View Post
Phillips, Ruzicka, Gawdin? It doesn't have to be one of the worst players in the organization.
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Originally Posted by Monahammer View Post
To replace the Monahan we got last year? Those are all upgrades. An unhealthy Monahan is useless.
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