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Default NHLSL - Sim League looking for GM's

We are an active league and recently completed our fourth year. We are stable and there is no concern that you will put time into it and it will shut down.

Our re-rates for the 2015/16 season are already complete and we are just about to head into UFA Extravaganza!

This is an exciting time to get involved.

During the season we sim every night and we process trades and transactions every night. In the off-season everything is processed regularly, every 2-3 days.

Most of our GMs are on instant messenger a lot of the time and available for trade talk.

If you are interested, please email me at or sign up on our waiting list here and you will get an immediate response:

Thanks in advance for your interest!

P.S. We have a bunch of dirty Canuck fans as GMs, join up and show them who really knows hockey‏
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How are you guys simming? NHL 15?
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We use the above simulator. It is more realistic than NHL 15. It has a PC program that you set your lines with and the you upload it to the website.

Once you get your feet under you in the league you will be hooked.
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NHLSL is looking for a few more active, social GMs. As Hesla mentioned, the league is loads of fun and provides another dimension to watching NHL action. It also provides the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the hockey universe and play armchair GM.

We are into our first month of the season and provides a lot of unfamiliar GMs an opportunity to understand the simulator and the league to set up yourself and your team better for next season!

Interesting teams in all stages of their progression can be found. Inquire within.
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Bump. We are looking for a few GMs. With the trade deadline around the corner, its a great opportunity to make some trades and take control of a franchise
Below is our website if anyone is interested.

PM Me for details

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