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Default Ps4 nhl 20 eashl?

This still a thing? I havenít played in ages, but I downloaded NHL 20 as it was on sale, and I donít exactly have much else to do in the evenings right at the moment, so why not give it a shot.

We used to have a pretty active group that I was part of 4-8 years ago. If anyoneís playing this game on PS4 we could start a team. Just throwing it out there.
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CAL PUCK is the team name I’ve created if anyone’s interested in joining. All welcome
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I'd be interested.
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hope life is well for you and any of the other regulars that may make an appearance in here.

i gave up console gaming after we had our second child. just wasn't enough quiet time to dedicate to games. its been several years since i've played anything. so i will have to pass. but i definitely miss the fatas! we had some good times.
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This individual is not affluent and more of a member of that shrinking middle class. It is likely the individual does not have a high paying job, is limited on benefits, and has to make due with those benefits provided by employer.
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Dobbles! How are things down south?

I'm in for this. I haven't actually played much online... how does joining a team even work?
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