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Default For Hockey Fans Wanting that In-depth GM Experience
Using STHS portal

Hockey is by far one of the most popular sports in the world. That being said, it stands to reason that more and more simulation leagues are being created to help hockey lovers get their fix even when hockey is not in season. The NHL is one of the most reliable places to get your information regarding major league hockey. The NHLSL or National Hockey League Simulation League is a great place to get your hockey fix without having to depend on hockey season each year.
The NHLSL offers hockey fans the chance to get the feel of hockey season without having to wait each year.

The league is not your typical league, prospective GMs do not register and play against one another like in other leagues, rather, the NHLSL uses the STHS hockey simulator to pit GMs against one another and create realistic and entertaining outcomes. The league consists of 30 individual GMs who trade players, set lines, re-sign players, draft their own entry level players, and more. This league offers all the excitement of the NHL but it also offers a bit more. This league offers a chance for fans to take the time to get involved in the hockey play without having to relying on the NHL.

The league can be followed at http://www.NHLSLcom and via the NHSLS forum at The site offers scores, rosters, news, and more; the forum is where the action and banter happen. This week there have been trades, re-rates, and more making for a very exciting week. The site offers scoreboards that give the most up to date information on league matches and match outcomes. The site also keeps GMs abreast of any trades that take place so that they understand what players are on what teams and who is playing who. By presenting a clear list of who has been traded back and forth, users can be sure that they know all about their favorite teams and who is likely to win or lose.

This is a great chance for fans to get insight into the inner workings of the NHL.

Author: Lauren K
-NHLSL Contracted Freelance Writer-
We are an active and consistent league with a very solid base of GMs who are mature and easy going. The league is quite competitive and we enjoy rivalries and friendly banter.

Here are some points to consider about our league:

-We use a salary cap and re-signings are based on a grid; however, there is a UFA period like in the NHL where highest closed bid wins.
-Re-rates are based on NHL performance on a two year cycle.
-New GMs have their trades reviewed for the first 30 days which sometimes results in trades being rejected to protect the new GM.
-GMs are required to submit lines each and every time they have a game. Fellow GMs are always willing to assist you if you need to be away.
-We require that GMs are active on the forum and spend time on Google Talk. We don't require GMs to be on Google Talk 24/7 but a few times per week is reasonable.

This is a top notch league.

If you are interested, please email or sign up on the waiting list at

Thank you for your consideration.
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Been in this league twice now. Left once because life got busy but couldnt stay away.
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Bagopucks.. come back to ffhl...
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