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Default Former Stamp Anthony McClanahan arrested in wife's murder

Remember this guy?

he's been arrested in connection with his wife's homicide. Also, looks like he's blaming sports related head injuries in the related abduction of his 8 year old son.
Be better.

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Yikes. They've updated the article with some troubling details:

The injuries sustained by the victim — since identified as McClanahan’s wife Keri — prompted police to treat the scene as a homicide, Carpenter said. While he declined to elaborate on the victim’s injuries, local media is reporting her throat was cut.
In a now-deleted video posted on Nov. 1 entitled “I want to say sorry to anyone I hurt,” McClanahan — shirtless in a hospital bed with electrocardiogram leads stuck to his chest — claimed concussions suffered during his football career were taking both a physical and mental toll.

“I can’t keep it a secret no more man,” he said, claiming he suffered ’70 to 80′ concussions during his combined NFL, CFL and NCAA football career.
“I work non-stop because I’m scared to go to sleep at night, because when I go to sleep, my head hurts — and I feel like I wanna attack another quarterback.”
During hurricane relief work in Texas, he claims he fell and hit his head which exacerbated his condition.

“Anyone I’ve ever dated, or slept with, or laid next to me at night can tell you that I’ve tried to devour them, or whatever, because I was always attacking that quarterback,” he said.

In the video, he speaks darkly about his physical condition.

“Before I leave this earth, I will let you know more about my life,” he said. “Because of how my health is right now, I can’t take care of my son physically, and I’ll need people to take care of me.”
He always struck me as someone who struggled post-football -- the colorful character on the football field didn't translate well after he retired.
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