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Originally Posted by MrMastodonFarm View Post
Settle down there, Temple Grandin.
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I understand why the people running these big social media companies don't want to police content, because it's not profitable for them, but you'd think someone there would reflect on the damage they're doing by giving hateful crazy people a megaphone and refusing to get involved beyond that. Cesspool.
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Originally Posted by Ozy_Flame View Post
It's incredibly helpful for me in my industry because other specialists and professionals post their blog content and technical manuals regularly, which has helped my passive training and knowledge base significantly. Twitter can be a really effective tool as long as you are able to filter out the noise both using the tool and just using your mental filter.
You’re in architecture, right? Didn’t know that sort of stuff was accessible through twitter
Originally Posted by Biff View Post
If the NHL ever needs an enema, Edmonton is where they'll insert it.
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Originally Posted by Winsor_Pilates View Post
Can we just get rid of Twitter?

Yay finally someone says what I've been saying for years! (please see my title... for further information)
Allskonar fyrir Aumingja!!

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