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Hells no! In fact I'd prob be done with the NHL in general, at that point. I may come back and be a casual fan, it is Canada after all and there's not much else to do in the winter evenings. But my diehard days would be done
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The Flames were a part of my childhood and as someone who lives outside Calgary, watching the games is a nostalgic link to my youth. So if the Flames ceased to exist, I'd be devastated. I live in Seattle now, so I would likely follow the team here simply out of convenience. If they moved to a different city, then I'd likely stop following the NHL.
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I'm honestly probably more attached to CP than the Flames. So I guess it would depend on what kind of a net community would form around them.

Of course maybe I could take that opportunity to smarten up and switch to a team in a more reasonable timezone.

(But most likely I'd just switch to soccer fulltime.)
I love the 3M line.
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