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Default Tapatalk ads unwanted click through

For those using tapatalk app to view CP on iPhone....

Anyone notice the recent change that when you scroll and put your thumb on an ad, it clicks through even while in a swiping motion? Old version would not click through if you touched ad as part of swiping and scrolling.

So annoying. I am going to stop using tapatalk I think.

Any other alternatives or blocks I can use?
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I noticed that as well. I try to be extra careful where I start my scrolling motion.
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Jimmy Stang
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I had this issue a few days ago and I was enraged at what seemed like and ultra slimy way to increase as clicks. It seems to have gotten better though, and the only thing I can think of is that I may have rebooted my phone recently.

There has been no app update since then, and my issue has been resolved.

I was so mad about it and then it just disappeared.
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Kijiji app does this as well. Super annoying.
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Not sure if I have an old paid version on my phone, but I haven't seen any ads.

One thing I have seen and I think its only with this forum is if I accidentally press too hard while swiping the app with freeze. Like the Touch is set up for something in this forum that doesn't exist?
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I saw somewhere how to fix this but can't find the thread or reply.

Anyone know how to fix it?
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Anyone having issues with tapatalk not opening and just sitting spinning for the past few days? I am having open and close several times before it will load.
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