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Crash and Bang Winger
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Default Panasonic smart TV and DAZN app

hey guys,

Im having trouble trying to get the DAZN app to play on my panasonic tv. The preloaded apps on the TV do not have the DAZN app and I cant download the app in the app marketplace. When I try to use the browser to open the DAZN site, after log in, it gives me an error message and cant load any videos.
Softward is updated and everything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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Jimmy Stang
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Have you had any luck with this? I donít have a Panasonic, but the app works fine on all of my devices (including LG TV).

Is the app not available in your App Store, or is it available but doesnít install?

Iím not surprised that the TVís web browser doesnít work as they donít usually play nicely with Flash.

Longshot: are you using a custom DNS like Cloudflare? I have found that when I use Cloudflare DNS, even though it isnít supposed to fiddle with my geolocation, the DAZN app on all devices says that it isnít available in my country. Switch back to Shawís DNS and it works again.
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