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Initially I didn't want Gio to go.

But after seeing how much Gio wanted to go I feel bad for not voting.

I hope Gio gets in now.
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Pfft, just because Gio said he wanted to go, now we want him to go?

We've should've wanted him to go in the first place. Rest or him going wouldn't matter much. He deserves the respect, and it's a farce (an understandable one) that the best defenceman in the world didn't get picked in the first place.
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I always wanted him to go. Now that he's said he wants too I'm even more annoyed that he didn't get picked
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I’d love to see Gio in the ASG. He is having an epic season and deserves it. I think the rest thing is overrated. Is signing autographs, attending a few interviews, a skills comp, and playing 8-15 minutes of no contact 3-on-3 really that strenuous? Unless you have a nagging injury that needs rest I cannot see how the All Star weekend would negatively influence a player.
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Honestly Do not want him to go , rest is more important
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