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I’m not going to pretend to know anything about basketball, so I won’t speak to the comparison, but...

Originally Posted by TheScorpion View Post
the Flames had Olympic hero Iginla and... Gretzky Trade Gelinas?
Iginla, Kiprusoff, Regehr, Conroy, Gelinas, Leopold, Yelle.
Some of these players won’t impress on the historical boxscores - you had to have watched them, and the game/era.

Originally Posted by TheScorpion View Post
I wasn't talking about quality of players. Kiprusoff was still basically a no-name.
He was voted as one of the leagues top 3 goaltenders before the playoffs began.

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I watched all those players play except Gelinas, for the record. And again, still not talking about player quality or how they contributed to the games in ways not seen on the Boxscore. My point is, this Raptors team is stacked with huge names who command respect around the league. Kinda like the 02 Red Wings (or even the 04 Leafs with nieuwendyk and Roberts and mogilny and Sundin). These Raptors are nothing like those Flames, which used a ragtag group of effective unknowns to overachieve. No, these Raptors are stacked with top-billing talent that is living up to expectations.
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